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Leveraging the cloud and APIs as a platform for innovation – Mikael Puittinen

14 April 2016 – Posted by Jarkko Moilanen

Keeping up to speed require enterprises to take an agile “startup” mind- and toolset to keep up with competition in the digital channels.

Key recommendations for enterprises building or willing to enhance their digital channel:

Foster a culture of experimentation / trials and connect your customers to your innovation process. Key is not to find the blockbuster service on the first try, but to have a process that quick validation & refinement of ideas and to park projects that do not resonate with customers (“fail fast”).

Leverate APIs as an innovation platform. Most digital services rely on existing data. Rather than integrating the applications directly to the master systems (which may be costly, especially in case of changes to the origin systems), build an API facade that models your business data for use by your digital services / applications.

Leverage cloud to focus investements on things that matter. Leave the IT infrastructure and service heavy lifting to cloud vendors. Build your solutions on the enterprise grade building blocks provided by cloud vendors (e.g. compute, storage, databases, IoT, Big Data). Cloud not only enables quick prototyping & innnovation but also provides the durability and reliability required by production grade services.

Mikael Puittinen, SC5 Online

A business technology professional with over 15 years of experience in helping customers achieve a competitive edge using innovative IT solutions. Passionate cloud computing, APIs and Data Science. Mikael is currently CTO at SC5 Online.