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Retrofitting APIs with X-Road features - Mikko Pitkänen

12 February 2016 – Posted by Jarkko Moilanen

Mikko will address issues such retrofitting APIs with XRoad features enables for efficient joining of production services to X-Road. OSS tools for robust retrofits are discussed.

Mikko Pitkänen, National Board of Patents and Registration:

Dr. Sc. Tech. Mikko Pitkänen has worked with distributed systems and OSS for over a decade, he remains hands-on and eager to delve into details.

PR and software professional with solid hands on experience in open source software since 2003, nowadays, a capable mix of IPR professional and a practical devops guy with strategic thinking mindset.

I am driven to increasingly carry project management responsibilities where I find interesting challenges, but always pursue to maintain hands-on attitude with technical challenges.

I have long research background on distributed systems ranging from routing in fixed land line networks to building services for challenging mobile networks (DTN) characterized by human social behavior.

I have vast experience on speaking to multicultural audience and working with people from various cultural backgrounds as well as teaching and interacting with international folks.

Specialties: Agile sofware development, open source both in strategic and practical levels, IPR and licencing models, mobile communications, network services, Internet architecture, scientific method, analytical skills, technology conceptualization, training and teaching