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Onboarding to X-Road with Joint X-Road community & Know-how materials related to X-Road - Karri Niemelä & Heiko Vainsalu

26 February 2016 – Posted by Jarkko Moilanen

Finnish and Estonian X-Road communities joined forces last year and decided to establish joint global X-Road community. Karri Niemelä is current Community Manager. Karri will demonstrate how community works and how it has helped businesses to onboard X-Road with tools such as integration patterns with code examples.

Heiko’s part is about “Know-how materials related to X-Road”: X-Road usage guidelines (aimed for non-technical persons), X-Road service pattern catalogue, X-Road reusable components

Karri Niemelä, Chief Technology Officer at BeAn Solutions Oy:

Architect and craftsman with a hands-on twist. Passionate about what new technologies can provide.

Specialties: Highly scalable Interweb systems. Agile and Lean. Backends and Frontends Cloud building, computing and automation (From EC2/Openstack to Docker containers. Ansibles, chefs and puppets in the mix). DevOps.

Various platforms (Mobile to big servers, Linux to OSX) Python, Ruby/Rails, Erlang, Java/Scala/Clojure and so on. JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, Backbone, ember, Node..)

Storage in multiple forms (Billions of files, petabytes of data, Enterprise to custom built. EMC thru NetApp to self-built storage clusters, HDFS to Swift, Riak to Mongo)

Heiko Vainsalu, X-Tee Area Manager

Heiko comes frm Estonian Information System Authority and is the man holding all pieces together and engaging X-Road user community in Estonia.