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Open API Management - Taija Björklund

10 March 2016 – Posted by Jarkko Moilanen

Apinf.io offers a comprehensive platform for open API management, targeted both at API managers and API consumers. Apinf is also a proud member of the Open API Initiative.

The Apinf.io platform has been built using or integrating open source components. The modules and components have been selected based on total openness, quality and project vitality. Additionally, the team has aimed for complete openness and transparency towards the community in the development process as well.

Come and hear about our experiences on building open API management platform and applying the open development process!

Taija Björklund: Product owner of APInf.io, pioneering open development in open API management

Taija works as a Product Owner for apinf.io, the open source API management platform. Having worked both with open-source and closed-source products, she believes that open source allows teams to build large products with small investment. Reuse promotes effectiveness: we are free to build on cutting-edge, collective effort. At the same time, you are creating something that benefits others.

Taija’s background is originally in localization, internationalization and cross-cultural communication. She has 12+ years of experience of enabling localization support for 88 languages in closed mobile platforms.