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The role of APIs in Holland's biggest IT project ever – Dimitri van Hees

14 April 2016 – Posted by Jarkko Moilanen

The Dutch Environmental Act is one of the largest legislative acts since the establishment of The Netherlands in 1815 and the largest government IT challenge in its history. Basically it means that 26 acts (consisting of 4,700 articles) are integrated into one act (with 349 articles), making it easier for everyone to see what is allowed at a certain location.

In this presentation we will dig into the government’s challenges of dealing with decentralized systems and getting help from the ‘Large Set of Unknown Developers’ in a ‘Large Set of Unknown Domains’ using semantically enriched APIs with extensive content-negotiation to support as many clients as possible while maintaining compatibility for existing information systems like GIS (Geo Information System) or Linked Data solutions.

Dimitri van Hees, Apiwise

Dimitri van Hees (@dvh) is a data specialist from The Netherlands and co-founder of Apiwise. His company is involved in multiple API and Linked Data projects of the Dutch government concerning the Environmental Act. Dimitri studied Information Management at Tilburg University and brews API-driven beer in his spare time.