API Days Nordic | Tampere | 18.-19.5.2016 API Days Nordic

How to boost data driven business by harmonizing city APIs – Annukka Varteva

16 April 2016 – Posted by Jarkko Moilanen

Come and learn how six Finnish cities are opening up data and APIs to boost data driven business. Especially, you will see how the the six largest cities in Finland cooperate to build up harmonized APIs, how cities go API-first with their service development and how companies can utilize data to create new business opportunities. You will also learn why user experience and partner ecosystems are key components for success.

The Six Cities cooperate with companies by opening up data and harmonizing APIs. The cities will harmonize four APIs: Linked events API, issue reporting API, decision making API and resource reservation API.

Annukka Varteva & Aapo Rista / FVH: API harmonization as a cooperation of several cities (20 min) Riku Oja / City of Helsinki: API-first strategy in the City of Helsinki’s service development (10 min) Roope Suomalainen / Eventz International: Data drives business – how to build business around data that is available for everyone (10 min)

Annukka Varteva, Riku Oja and Roope Suomalainen

Annukka Varteva (project manager) and Aapo Rista (technical expert) work in the 6Aika Open Data spearhead project, where the Six largest cities in Finland harmonize their APIs to boost data-driven business. They’re working on City APIs in Forum Virium Helsinki, an innovation unit within the Helsinki City organization playing a key role in implementing Helsinki’s Smart and Open City strategy.

Riku Oja (D.Sc. (Tech)) is a Code Fellow in the City of Helsinki Open Source Development team, using agile software development practices to create ​open APIs and web services and to bring about democracy and openness in the public sector.

Roope Suomalainen (M.Sc.Eng., MBA) is a co-founder at Eventz.today and heads digital business consulting at creative technology company Ixonos. For years, he has been helping clients, such as Al Jazeera, BBCW, ESPN, Fox, MBC, Microsoft, National Geographic, Samsung and Turner Entertainment to design, build and launch digital and mobile services.