API Days Nordic | Tampere | 18.-19.5.2016 API Days Nordic

APIs That Will Love You – Nada Jasikova

17 April 2016 – Posted by Jarkko Moilanen

Join me for an API life cycle walkthrough. We’ll start with an initial API design and collaborate on it with others on GitHub. We’ll iterate on the design and verify the prototype makes sense before going any further. Finally, we’ll test the API implementation and show how to make sure the API documentation is always up to date.

I’ll also introduce you to MSON - our Markdown Syntax for Object Notation that helps to keep your data description neat, compact and DRY.

Talk outline (~35 mins): API life cycle - Introduction, Designing API using API Blueprint and MSON, Collaborating with others on your API Project via GitHub, Prototyping API design with Mock Server, API implementation, Dredd - Testing the API implementation, Dredd in CI - Keeping API documentation up-to-date

Nada Jasikova, Apiary

Nada works as a Site Reliability Engineer for Apiary. Apiary provides a platform for designing, prototyping, documenting and testing APIs. Nada’s working experience includes technical writing, software development and operations. She’s also been very active in Apiary user support and has been involved in numerous conversations with Apiary users on their perspective and scenarios.